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PhenixID Password Self Service

Start configuring by clicking "Scenarios"-> "Create scenario" ->"PhenixID Password Self Service" -> "Start".


This article will instruct you how to configure the PhenixID Password Self Service (PPSS) scenario. This article will NOT instruct you how to install PhenixID server or how to install and configure PPSS. To install and configure PPSS, please review the http://support.phenixid.se/sbs/step-by-step-phenixid-scenario-ppss/

Configure PhenixID Native Server

What ip-address should PhenixID server listen on for incoming communication regarding one-time password request. If you leave default it will listen on all available ip-address on the server and on port 3100.

Settings for PhenixID Password Self Service (PPSS)

Add the ip-address of the PPSS server.

If you enable encryption all data between the PPSS and the PhenixID server will be encrypted. You also need to enable this in PPSS.

Select delivery method(s)

Select available methods that you will support. For this scenario I will add all.

Depending on your choice maybe some of the upcoming pages will not be available.

Configure PhenixID Message Gateway

This will be used to deliver OTP via SMS. If you do not have an account, please contact support@phenixid.se

Configure SMTP server

This will be used to deliver OTP via mail. Add credentials for your SMTP server.


Verify the configuration and click -> "Create"