Selecting Approvers

In this documentation, you will be able to transform the representation of the data-table when selecting your internal or external users during the creation of a digital order.

Under the following directory you can add a selectApprovers.json file:

 Important to have the name of the file correctly spelled otherwise the changes will be ignored.

keys false Keys are an array of keys of the columns you want to show. They must exist. If present, the false will be used to show the values accordingly.  Array
data false The user can chose how they want to show the data, independent of whether the functionality allows for editing.

                             Available types
        Simple text view of the data

        Input if editable field, otherwise shows as Text.

        Translate the data value & shown as Text.
translationKey false
The translation key reference used. String
skipValidation false
In the case of editable data and you want to always use the default value, you will need to use the skipValidation array. Array


Below you will see the internal user search shows only user Identifier and the given name columns.

This is done by using the the keys dataset:

  "internalUserColumns": {
    "keys": ["firstName"],
    "data": {
    	"firstName": "Text"
    "skipValidation": ["firstName"]
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It is good practice to put skipValidation to the inputs you want to show as non-editable Text types.