Enables for system admins to get better understadning and baseline information about events and trends. PhenixID server comes with a number of predefined reports. A report is categorised as either System OR Authentication.  

PhenixID server saves all events indefinitely. Purging of old data must be done manually.

Executing a report

Expand the menu for System OR Authentication. Select appropriate report by clicking. Depending on the report selected the system will either prompt for additional input or execute the report.

Once executed the report admin can export the result, copy to clip board or send to printer.

Extending reports

Reports are stored as json files. Report files are loaded from <installtion_root>/mods/com.phenixidentity~phenix-prism-report~<version>/js/reports/. List of reports are loaded just in time which allows for dynamic reload on changes: Change a report, reload the page and the change is read.



Adding a custom report

Ultimately the report is just a SQL query making it flexible and easy to customize. Currently the SQL query must render a result set meaning operations like group by, count etc probably will not work. A report can either execute with no user input or require additional user input.

Start by looking at the already existing report to get a sense for how it works. See if there is a report that almost fits the requirements. Then copy and paste the file  with a new random name beside the already excising reports. Perform customisations to the newly created report. Reload the Reports view. Now the customised view should apear.  

When customising a report a rule of thumb is to limit result to no more than 10 000 return entries.

Avalible event id to query are found here: Event ID's.