Authenticate using Net iD Access server. Typically used by EFos clients.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
successURL Where to redirect client after successful authentication N/A Yes
mappingProperty Property to use when other user identifier is used, than the CN on the issued certificate N/A No
pipeID ID of the pipe to execute after approved NIAS login N/A Yes
loginTemplate Template used when rendering UI nias.template No
includeQueryString Should orginal query string be added to the redirect false No
wsdlLocation HTTP/HTTPS location of the WSDL N/A Yes
nias_keystore_ID The keystore to use for mutual TLS with NIAS server N/A No
userMapPipe If using somthing else than personal number, a pipe can be used to translate user id to personal number N/A No
templateVariables Custom config for temaple rendering N/A Yes

Example Configuration

    "id": "niasone",
    "description": "nias",
    "alias": "nias",
    "name": "NiasAuth",
    "configuration": {
        "pipeID": "ecff89d7-7069-4c6c-b086-33d2df6253fd",
        "successURL": "/config",
        "wsdlLocation": "https://path to server/ServiceServer.asmx?WSDL",
        "templateVariables": {
            "cancel_href": "/saml/authenticate/logout/pope/?nextTarget=/saml/authenticate/niassaml",
            "methods": [{
                    "title": "netid.messages.buttons.nias_od",
                    "data-toggle-action": "OD"
                    "title": "netid.messages.buttons.nias_sd",
                    "data-toggle-action": "SD"


A configured Net iD Access server configured.