Valve to send SMS using PhenixID Message Gateway .

Note: This valve is commonly used when sending notifications to users and administrators. NOT for sending one-time passwords.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
gatewayURL URLs to PhenixID Message Gateways No No
recipient_param_name Parameter containing the recipient mobile number. mobile No Yes
userid_param_name Parameter containing the username. User-Name No Yes
wash_recipient_number If the mobile number should be cleaned from whitespaces and unwanted characters. true No No
use_flash If the text message should be sent as flash. true No No
recipient_prefix Prefixes the recipient number if it starts with '0'. (i.e. '+46') No No
force_prefix Always prefixes the recipient number. false No No
remove_leading_plus Removes leading '+'. false No No
recipients Static recipient numbers to receive the text. Added to the recipient picked up in the flow. No No
message_gateway_settings PhenixID Message Gateway Settings. Yes No
gw_username PhenixID Message Gateway username to override PhenixID Message Gateway Settings. No No
gw_password PhenixID Message Gateway password to override PhenixID Message Gateway Settings. No No
message SMS message content. Yes Yes

Example Configuration

        "name": "SMSValve",
        "config": { 
              "wash_recipient_number" : "true",
              "use_flash" : "false",
              "recipient_prefix" : "+46",
              "force_prefix" : "true",
              "recipients" : "+4655512345,+4655567890",
              "message_gateway_settings" : "ce4d2wer-css0-42ec-9800-129a6212",
              "message" : "Please check log file now."

In the example above, the value for attribute othermobile has been picked up earlier in the flow.

The value for userid_param_name has been picked up from the request. Most common values are {{request.User-Name}} for RADIUS and {{request.username}} for HTTP.


Item set must have at least one entry.