Decode and validate a SAML2 Assertion.

Data from the SAML assertion will generate a PhenixID item, where nameID will be the item ID. Potential additional SAML attributes will be added to the PhenixID session as session properties where the session property name will be the same as the SAML attribute name

Also, the authnContextClassRef from the SAML assertion will be added as a session property named authncontextclassref.

"issuingidp" and "destination"  is added to the item created.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
clock_skew_minutes Set a skew in minutes to accept time drifts in assertion datetime values.  0 No No
trustedidp A string of trusted idps. For multiple idps, use comma as delimeter. Idps not found in the list will fail flow No No

Example Configuration

    "name" : "AssertionConsumer",
    "config" : {

Parameter clock_skew_minutes is used when IdP clock is ahead of the PhenixID SAML SP, OPTIONAL. Default value: 0.


SAML module is deployed.

A valid SAML Assertion is found in the flow. Must be in parameter "SAMLResponse".