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Enabling direct notifications

PhenixID server can act as an notification server. Main usage is sending messages to a user while logging in.

For instance pasword expiration is a common use case. In order to issue the actual message some other component must be the trigger. The module described here only works as an enabler for sending email or SMS. Configuration can be done sending SMS,SMTP or both.

Installing and configuring module

  1. In configuration manager select Advanced tab.
  2. Locate Modules.
  3. Add a module by adding configuration shown below. Note that values must be updated according to your environment.
      "module" : "com.phenixidentity~phenix-external-event",
      "enabled" : true,
      "config" : {
        "notify_sms" : {
          "connectionsettings" : {
            "username" : "<PhenixID message gateway username>",//leave empty to disable
            "password" : "<my super secret password>"//leave empty to disable
        "notify_email" : {
          "connectionsettings" : {
            "host" : "<smtp host>",
            "port" : "<port>",
            "sourceaddress" : "<from address>"
            "username" : "<SMPT_user_name>", //optional - leave empty for anon
            "password" : "<SMTP_password>", //optional - leave empty for anon
            "tlsenabled": "<true/false>", //optional (default true)
            "sslenabled": "<true/false>", //optional (default false)
            "verifyserveridentity": "<true/false>", //optional (default false)


Save stage and save the configuration.

On reload the module should now have an id. Copy this id and add it to the "module_refs" attribute on the node configuration object.

To be able to use SMS as delivery method an account must be present at PhenixID message gateway.