PCS is a online cloud service used by the installed on-site servers. It's purpose is to simplify technical functions at customer level. Current functions are license validation and mobile device notifications.  

Endpoint address is https://pcs.phenixidentity.com/

Online license validation

When receiving a server license it contains an end date. Once this date passes the server will shut down and a new license file is required.

Online license validation allows the server to verify if it is okay to keep running although the license file has expired. In order for this to work each PhenixID server requires outbound internet access.

As a customer you decide if this is allowed. Note that stopping PhenixID server to do online license validation the server will stop at the date of expiration and the old license file must be replaced by a valid file.    

Mobile device notification

In order to notify a mobile device the on-site server needs to contact the online notification service. This will require access to PCS. Notifications are first sent to PCS and the through to the mobile device.