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Upgrade from previous version

Current version is pre 2.0

Even though PhenixID server is fully compliant with previous versions there are differences. Upgrades should not be done without contacting PhenixID, [email protected].

When contacting PhenixID please add information about current usage of PhenixID server. This will help in assessing the work upgrading the system.

Current version is 2.0 or later

The installer will guide through the update. Be sure to back up the existing installation before starting the upgrade.


There might be a compatibility issue if One Touch has been configured in the environment to be upgraded.

Please contact PhenixID support for assistance with solution before the server upgrade.

If a problem is detected you will see the following in server.log during startup:

com.phenixidentity.core.CoreException: The database contains some schema-less data in the property 'ASSIGNMENTS.expires' that is not compatible with the type DATETIME. Fix those records and change the schema again