Authenticate using BankID. Depending on the method used the user may need to enter the personal number. 

BankID authenticator allows for three different scenarios:

  • Starting BankID on the same device.
  • Starting BankID on another device.
  • Starting BankID using a QR code. 

Every method needs to be activated through configuration.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
pipeID The pipe executed after a successful BankID authentication N/A Yes
successURL Location where to after a successful BankID authentication N/A No
keyStore ID of the keystore used t ocommunicate with BankID bankend N/A Yes
mode If connecting to BankID test backend set this value to "test". N/A No
loginTemplate Template used for rendering the user facing UI bankid.template No
enableHoneypot Should "I am a human" be visible true/false true No
client_ip_request_param The parameter of the http client request holding the value of the requesting client remoteAddress No
translation A JSON Array of custom translation keys No
templateVariables Options used for showing/hiding BankID methods (On this device, On Other Device, Scan QR code). No

Example Configuration

        "id": "bid",
        "alias": "bid",
        "name": "BankID",
        "configuration": {
            "pipeID": "pipeBID",
            "keyStore": "bankidkeystore",
            "password": "qwerty123",
            "mode": "test",
            "successURL": "/selfservice/",
            "enableHoneypot": "true",
            "loginTemplate": "bankid.template",
            "translation": [
            "templateVariables": {
                "cancel_href": "/bid/authenticate/logout/bid/?nextTarget=/bid/authenticate/bid/",
                "methods": [
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_od",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/bankid/bankid.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "OD"
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_sd",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/bankid/bankid.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "SD"
                        "title": "bankid.messages.option_label_qr",
                        "image": "/authenticate/res/images/bankid/bankid-qrc.png",
                        "data-toggle-action": "QR"


  • A BankID key store issued by an authorized issuer
  • The user must have activated BankID prior to authenticating