Valve for delivering one-time passwords by HTTP POST.

Supports configurable SSL protocols and ciphers.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
generated_otp_name Item property containing the generated otp. generated_otp No No
recipient_param_name Property containing the recipient mobile number. mobile No Yes
userid_param_name Property containing the username. User-Name No Yes
url_list Comma separated list of URLs to send to. Yes No
success_code HTTP response code for successful POST. 200 No No
connection_timeout Timeout in seconds. 5 No No
body The body of the POST. No No
auth_username Username for auth. No No
auth_password Password for auth. No No
headers Headers to add to the request. Configured as JSON array. Syntax: "key": "header_name", "value": "header_value". No No
params URL parameters to add to the request. Configured as JSON array. Syntax: "key": "parameter_name", "value": "parameter_value". No No
ssl_protocols SSL protocols to support. No No
ssl_ciphers SSL ciphers to support. No No
wash_recipient_number If the mobile number should be washed (i.e. removal of whitespaces, - and other non-number characters). true No No
remove_leading_plus If the leading + character should be removed from the mobile number. false No No
recipient_prefix If the mobile number should be prepended with a country prefix. (example: +46) No No

Example Configuration

        "name": "OTPPostHTTPValve",
        "config": {
              "generated_otp_name" : "generated_otp",
              "recipient_param_name" : "{{item.othermobile}}",
              "userid_param_name" : "{{request.username}}",
              "connection_timeout" : "10",
              "auth_username" : "myaccountid",
              "auth_password" : "myaccuntpassword",
              "ssl_protocols" : [
              "ssl_ciphers" : [
              "wash_recipient_number" : "true",
              "recipient_prefix" : "+46",

In the example above the value for attribute othermobile has been picked up earlier in the flow.

The value for userid_param_name has been picked up from the request. Most common values are {{request.User-Name}} for RADIUS and {{request.username}} for HTTP.

Information about values for url_list, body and success_code should be retrieved from the supplier of the message service.

More information about cipher suites:


Item set must have at least one entry.