Valve for deleting entries in an LDAP Directory.

Valve operates on the Current Item Set and will process all items surviving the common item filtering rules.

Note: Processed items will not be removed from CIS. To remove items, use RemoveItemValve.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
connection_ref Id of LDAP connection to use. Must refer to a connection of type 'LDAP'. Yes No
item_id_pattern Regex pattern for item id's to perform operations on. Items with id's that doesnt match the regex will be filter out. '.*' (include all items ) No No

Example Configuration

    "name": "LDAPDeleteValve",
    "config": { 
        "item_id_pattern" : ".*"


Item set must have at least one entry.

The id of the item has to be set to the distinguished name of the object to be deleted.