Valve for adding a DateTime property to an item.

The value is always based on NOW and can be modified using the duration property.

Valve operates on the Current Item Set and will process all Items surviving the common item filtering rules.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
name The name of the property Yes Yes
format The DateTime format pattern. If not specified ISO-8601 format ('2011-12-03T10:15:30Z') is used. No No
duration Duration (in ISO-8601 format) to modify the property. No No

Format pattern specification

Symbol  Meaning                     Presentation      Examples
   G       era                         text           AD; Anno Domini; A
   u       year                        year           2004; 04
   y       year-of-era                 year           2004; 04
   D       day-of-year                 number         189
   M/L     month-of-year               number/text    7; 07; Jul; July; J
   d       day-of-month                number         10
   Q/q     quarter-of-year             number/text    3; 03; Q3; 3rd quarter
   Y       week-based-year             year           1996; 96
   w       week-of-week-based-year     number         27
   W       week-of-month               number         4
   E       day-of-week                 text           Tue; Tuesday; T
   e/c     localized day-of-week       number/text    2; 02; Tue; Tuesday; T
   F       week-of-month               number         3
   a       am-pm-of-day                text           PM
   h       clock-hour-of-am-pm (1-12)  number         12
   K       hour-of-am-pm (0-11)        number         0
   k       clock-hour-of-am-pm (1-24)  number         0
   H       hour-of-day (0-23)          number         0
   m       minute-of-hour              number         30
   s       second-of-minute            number         55
   S       fraction-of-second          fraction       978
   A       milli-of-day                number         1234
   n       nano-of-second              number         987654321
   N       nano-of-day                 number         1234000000
   V       time-zone ID                zone-id        America/Los_Angeles; Z; -08:30
   z       time-zone name              zone-name      Pacific Standard Time; PST
   O       localized zone-offset       offset-O       GMT+8; GMT+08:00; UTC-08:00;
   X       zone-offset 'Z' for zero    offset-X       Z; -08; -0830; -08:30; -083015; -08:30:15;
   x       zone-offset                 offset-x       +0000; -08; -0830; -08:30; -083015; -08:30:15;
   Z       zone-offset                 offset-Z       +0000; -0800; -08:00;
   p       pad next                    pad modifier   1
   '       escape for text             delimiter
   ''      single quote                literal        '
   [       optional section start
   ]       optional section end
   #       reserved for future use
   {       reserved for future use
   }       reserved for future use


Example durations

Duration      Meaning
PT20.345S     20.345 seconds
PT15M	          15 minutes
PT10H	          10 hours
P2D	           2 days
P2DT3H4M	     2 days, 3 hours and 4 minutes
P-6H3M	     -6 hours and +3 minutes
-P6H3M	     -6 hours and -3 minutes
-P-6H+3M	     +6 hours and -3 minutes


Example Configuration

        "name": "PropertyAddDateTimeValve",
        "config": { 


Item set must have at least one entry.