Valve to read input from a Character-Separated Values (CSV) file as defined in RFC 4180.

Input values can be separated by any character. Records must be separated by line break (CRLF).

Valve will create items or update existing items in Current Item Set based on input records. Item property names are defined either by using the attributes configuration property or by using a header in the CSV-file.

Valve operates on the Current Item Set and will process all items surviving the common item filtering rules.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
path The path of file to read. Yes No
separator Value separator character. ',' No No
attributes List of attributes/values to read. Also specifies the name and order of attributes/values if no header is present in csv. If not specified all attributes in input are used and header is expected. No No
content_type The content type of the input file. text/csv;charset=utf-8;header=present No No
source_id The name of the column in source csv to use as item id. If not specified the first column will be used. No No
dest_id The destination item id. Supports property expansion where current row in csv is available as 'row'. If not, value of source_id will be used. No Yes

Example Configuration

    "name": "CSVFileImportValve",
    "config": { 
        "separator" : "|"