Older version2.8 AuthenticatorsInternalDefaultInternalAuthenticator


This authenticator is used to authenticate users against the PhenixID internal user store (USERS entity in store). This authenticator type is by default used for authentication to Configuration Manager.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
successURL The URL to redirect the browser to after successful authentication. Yes
loginTemplate Template to use for user interface. login.template No
includeQueryString Enable to append query string (passed to authenticator) to successURL. false No
userNameParamName Name of the username request attribute. username No
passworParamterName Name of the password request attribute. password No
allowLanguageChange Enable or disable language change. Set true to allow language change. No
translationKey Set key to use for fetching login page body text. login.messages.information.body No
headingtranslationKey Set key to use for fetching login page header text. login.messages.information.header No
enableHoneypot Set true or false to enable or disable "I am a human" checkbox in login template. true No
errorURL The URL to redirect the browser to if an error occurs. No
title Set key to use for fetching login page title text. login.messages.information.title No

Example Configuration

    "alias" : "config",
    "name" : "DefaultInternalAuthenticator",
    "configuration" : {
      "successURL" : "/config/",
      "translationKey" : "login.messages.information.body.cm",
      "headingtranslationKey" : "login.messages.information.header.cm",
      "title" : "login.messages.information.title.cm",
      "enableHoneypot" : "false"
    "id" : "configdefault"


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