Used when wanting to present a list of authentications options to a user.  For instance user can choose authentication using user name, password & OTP or username & One Touch.

This authenticator only supports HTTP based scenarios.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
possibleAuthenticators A list of possible authenticators to choose from N/A Yes
enableLangChange Should language change be available NA/ No
template Template presneting the ui to the user selector No
rememberSelection Should the selection made be remebered by the system false No

Possible authenticator configuration

Configuring the possible authenticator option has a complex structure . Example is a carve out of how one entry is configured and description of the keys and values.

Name Description Default value Mandatory
id Internal id of the authenticator N/A Yes
image URI to image where image is located N/A No
icon CSS icon class instead of image N/A No
sortorder Selection sort order N/A No
displayName Friendly display name Name of the authenticator No
location Where to send the browser on click "first_part_uri"/authenticate/"id_of_authenticator" No
description Description showing in the template N/A No

Example Configuration

	"alias": "selector",
	"name": "AuthSelector",
	"configuration": {
		"possibleAuthenticators": [{
				"id": "<id of authenticator>"
				"id": "<id of authenticator>"
	"id": "<unique_id >"
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