Used when authenticating using  username, password & One Touch.


Name Description Default value Mandatory
pipeID The id of the pipe validating username & passwor N/A Yes
loginTemplate Name of the template file presenting the enduser UI entering credentials login.template No
userNameParamName Name parmater containning the username username No
passworParamterName Name parmater containning the password password No
serviceName Name of the service shown in the One touch assignment PhenixID No
notify Should push be used. Note that push must be enabled on server level in orde for this to work true No
pollingTemplate Template used when polling for status of the pending One Touch authentication onetouchpoll.template No
clientTemplate Template rendering the assignment sent to One Touch client ot_auth_template No

Example Configuration

    "alias": "OIDCUidPasswordOneTouch",
    "name": "OIDCUidPasswordOneTouch",
    "configuration": {
        "pipeID": "authPipe",
        "allowedRP": ["rp1", "rp2"]


One Touch enabled on the system and at least one active profile on the user trying to authenticate.