valve for validating a HOTP/TOTP token otp against token(s) assigned to the user.


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
userid_param_name Property containing the username. User-Name No Yes
provided_otp_param_name Property containing the provided otp value. Yes Yes
otp_length The length of the token one-time password. 6 No No
hotp_lookahead Look ahead value for HOTP tokens. 20 No No
totp_max_drift Max drift value for TOTP tokens. 10 No No
try_legacy_token If this valve should continue to the next valve (LegacyTokenValidationValve) when the OTP fails. false No No
try_auto_enroll If this valve should continue to the next valve (TokenAutoEnrollment) for an auto enrollment. false No No
check_yubikey If the valve should try yubikey tokens validation. false No No
debug_token_data Special debug of token data. Only use in test environment. false No No

Example Configuration

        "name": "TokenValidationValve",
        "config": { 


Item set must have at least one entry.