Older versionPhenixID server 2.6RadiusRADIUSUserNameAndPasswordValidator


Valve for validating username and password on remote RADIUS server(s).


Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
username Property containing the username. Yes Yes
pwd Property containing the password. Yes No
secret The RADIUS shared secret. Yes No
host The ip of the remote RADIUS server. Yes No
port The port of the remote RADIUS server. Yes No

Example Configuration

	"id": "c502c490-d85f-4313-9da3-04974bc971b7",
	"name": "RADIUSUserNameAndPasswordValidator",
	"enabled": "true",
	"config": {
		"proceed_on_error": "false",
		"username": "User-Name",
		"pwd": "User-Password",
		"secret": "{enc}O8ZcWOKstoarnawYkNnufikVRaZQ9Xg/PxbZLXYc+F0=",
		"host": "",
		"port": "1812"
	"pipe_ref": "47aacad9-b2a2-4ed8-b922-d543c9a8d3be",
	"created": "2017-09-07T07:56:55.778Z"