Add a image to on or more pages to an existing PDF document

Valve operates on a single item.



Name Description Default value Mandatory Supports property expansion
pathToImage File path for image to add Yes No
pdfSource Location of the B64 encoded pdf data pdf No Yes
imagelocation Where on the document to add the image allowed values are 'northwest', 'northeast', 'southwest' or 'southeast' southeast No No
addimagetopage Wich page to add image, allowed are first, last or all last No No
keyword Adds key word to pdf in order to hinder multiple image being added image_added No No
ignoreifadded Ignores adding image if key word is found true No No
imagepadding adds X & Y padding to image 0 No No

Example Configuration

     "name" : "AddImageToPDFValve",
     "enabled" : "true",
     "config" : {
       "pathToImage" : "<path to my image>/theimage.png",
       "pdfSource" : "{{session.pdf_data}}",
       "imagelocation" : "northwest"


Item set must have one entry. Image must be located on local filesystem and be of typ .png.