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Customize HTTP authentication pages


This document will guide you through the steps to customize pages used during HTTP authentication.

Create custom template

Select authenticator template to modify located in folder <PHENIX_ROOT>//mods/com.phenixidentity~auth-http~<version>/templates/.

Please view this document if you need to find out which template each authenticator use.

Duplicate the template to use. Example: login.template is duplicated as login_custom.template

Modify custom template

Open login_custom.template file in a text editor of your choice and modify the template according to your needs.

NOTE: Texts within {{ }} are fetched from translation files. Please follow this guide to change/add texts.

Replace template in authenticator configuration

Login to configuration manager and open the advanced tab.

Locate the HTTP Authenticator to modify and add/configure "loginTemplate" to point to your newly customized template.

  "name" : "PostUidAndPasswordSAML",
  "id" : "unpwsaml",
  "alias" : "unpwsaml",
  "displayName" : "Username Password",
  "configuration" : {
    "idpID" : "MyIDP",
    "pipeID" : "UserLookupAndAuthWithLDAPSAML",
    "loginTemplate" : "login_custom.template"
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  • Make sure to have a backup before starting
  • Follow the product upgrade instruction
  • Check if there are any differences between the updated default template file and the old version default template file.
  • If no differences were found, just copy the "login_custom.template" from the old version.
  • If differences were found, locate the differences between the customized template and the original template. Apply customizations to the new version of the template.