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Open Phenixid OneTouch automatically on same device (autostart)

This document describes how to trigger autostart of the PhenixID OneTouch app when used on the same device as the information channel, for example a mobile web browser.

Autostart is used for end user convenience.


1. Mobile web browser or app is asking for user authentication with PhenixID OneTouch.

2. User enters userID

3. userID is sent to PhenixID Authentication Services. PhenixID OneTouch assignment is created.

4. Web browser or app launches PhenixID OneTouch using a link (how to construct link is described below)

5. User approves assignment in PhenixID OneTouch

6. PhenixID OneTouch returns focus to the calling app

Constructing links

To open PhenixID OneTouch automatically, use this link pattern:


The return URL value must be URL encoded.

For returning to native apps, the return URL value must start with appschema://



Web browser


Native app


Example implementation for iOS devices

An example implementation for iOS devices can be found at https://demo.phenixid.net/OneTouchAutoStart.html

Add to PhenixID Authentication Services template

To add a PhenixID OneTouch autostart link to PhenixID Authentication Services, follow these steps:

1. Open <phenixid_server_root>/mods/com.phenixidentity~auth-http~<version>/templates/onetouchpoll.template

2. Modify the html/javascript code to provide a link for autostart.