Advanced configuration view

The configuration manager is the web based tool for system configuration. It's is by default found at https://<server>:8443/config/

Note tha Configuration view targets system admins with high skills managing PhenixID server.

Configuration view

The view "Configuration" allow for admins to change the configuration from the webbrowser. By default the view is disabled. Enable it by locating the module configuration in the boot.json file and enable it (restart is required):

                        "name": "com.phenixidentity~phenix-prism-config",
                        "enabled": "false",  //Change to "true" to enable
                        "config": {
                            "display_name": "Configuration",
                            "base_uri": "configuration",
                              "requires_role": "sysadmin"

By enabling the Configuration at next login the "Configuration" heading should apear. Click on the heading should present the admin with:

The Configuration view is a powerfull tool. Any change will be propagated when committing changes.  When in doubt on how to perform changes consult PhenixID support