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Microsoft Outlook Web App

Start configuring by clicking "Scenarios"-> "Create scenario" ->"Microsoft Outlook Web App" -> "Start".

Configure PhenixID Native Server

Set the address for the server/listener, or choose the default value to listen on all addresses.

Set the port that the native server will use for incoming requests.

Settings for Microsoft Outlook Web App

The OWA address will be the IP address allowed by the system to use this listener.

Encryption is enabled as default on the OWA side.

Configuring a datasource

First time configuration a new data source needs to be created. This will be used as source of authentication and user lookup.

If a datasource is already configured, an administrator can select it from the dropdown and proceed to next step.

Start by entering name an description for the new data source.

Configure host ip or DNS name and LDAP port. For multiple hosts use comma as delimiter.

Enter user credentials to be used to access LDAP server/servers. Make sure the configured account has appropriate access rights in the data source. The account used should NOT be required to change passwords on a regular basis.

Configure security settings for accessing the data source. Often to enable SSL this require additional configuration on the data source.

Verify the connection settings.

Configure the LDAP search filter.

The function of the search filter is to find the correct user. In it's simplest form it may be enough to search on the user name.

Note that the search filter can be simple or advanced. The {{request.username}} is the variable replaced by the value entered by the user.

To use email as username: mail={{request.username}}

Search base defines the root from where users will be found.

Select delivery methods

Select which delivery methods Microsoft OWA should be able to use.

Configuring PhenixID Message Gateway

Configure the connection to the PhenixID Message Gateway.

Set the gateway username and password:

Configuring one-time password settings

Specify the length of the OTP and the attribute containing the number where the SMS should be sent:


Verify the configuration and click -> "Create"