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Enable "Change Language" option for authenticator

This PhenixID Solution Document (PSD) is written for PhenixID Server.

This PSD describes how to enable the "Change language" selection for authenticators.

The reader should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.


The default language presented in authenticator web pages is taken from the web browser language settings. This can be changed by the end user by using the "Change Language" dropdown. The "Change Language" dropdown is not enabled by default for authentication web pages.


  • PhenixID Server installed


Locate template files

Locate the templates used for authentication:

- Check if a template_root folder is configured for the auth-http module in <PhenixID_installation_folder>/config/boot.json


           "module": "com.phenixidentity~auth-http",

           "enabled": "true",

           "config": {

               "ssl": "true",

               "port": "8443",




The templates are then located in <PhenixID_installation_folder>/<template_root_folder>. In the above example, <PhenixID_installation_folder>/mytemplates.

- If no template_root is configured, the default folder is  <PhenixID_installation_folder>/mods/com.phenixidentity~auth-http~1.4.0/template.

Change template files

  • Open the template file
  • Remove these rows
  • Save and close the file