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Add multilingual display value for Authenticator

This article will describe how to make the display value for different authenticator show up in the same language as the rest of the webpage.

The reader of this document should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.


Each authenticator could be configured with the "displayName" parameter. This parameter will not be translated to the language selected.

In order to achieve the multilingual support the parameter has to be removed and translations has to be added as described below.

1. Remove displayName

Locate the authenticator to modify in the "Configuration" tab.

Delete the "displayName" parameter.

Note the value of the "name" parameter.

2. Add translation for the name parameter

The translations has to be added to the translation file for each available language.

Locate the translation file Server\mods\com.phenixidentity~auth-http~<VERSION>\web\res\lang\<LANGUAGE>\strings.xml.

Append the file with a translation mapping to the name parameter noted in the previous step.


<string name="PostUidAndPasswordSAML">This is my new displayName for this language!</string>

3. Restart service and test

The service has to be restarted in order to read the translations.