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Change password for default user

This PhenixID Solution Document (PSD) is written for PhenixID Server.

This PSD describes how to change the password of the default user in PhenixID Server.

The reader of this PSD should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.

System requirements

  • PhenixID Server installed.


The default user is internal and stored in the PhenixID Server configuration store.

There is no user interface to manage internal users. To change the password you’ll need to edit the configuration store json-file manually.

Change default Password

Locate the configuration store

The configuration store is located in the config directory:


Note: <SERVER_ROOT> refers to the directory where PhenixID Server is installed.


Make a backup copy of the file in case you’ll need rollback your changes.

Edit phenix-store.json

  • Open the PhenixID Server configuration store in your favorite text editor and locate the section containing users (called USERS).
  • Replace the password of the user phenixid, example:
"USERS" : [ {
 "id" : "phenixid",
 "password" : "{enc}guuotDelkL+igNEbsQQxS6CvBOzqNrQP9LVJl1VP8e8=",
 "description" : "Default sys admin",
 "created" : "2015-09-08T12:10:38.795Z"
 } ],
  • Note: The password is encrypted, replace all characters within double quotes for the password value (including the {enc} prefix) with the new password. The new password will automatically be encrypted when the server detects the store change.