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Upgrade from previous version

Current version is pre 2.7

Even though PhenixID server is fully compliant with previous versions there are differences. Upgrades should not be done without contacting PhenixID.

When contacting PhenixID please add information about current usage of PhenixID server. This will help in assessing the work upgrading the system.

Current version is 2.7

The installer will guide through the update. Be sure to backup the existing installation before starting the upgrade.

As always, please verify customizations from earlier version and transfer to new installation if needed.


There has been changes to the css files, so if you see strange behavior on the web apps, clear the browser cache.

In case you see the text below in server.log, please contact PhenixID for assistance (only applies to clustered environments):

ERROR: Startup failed com.phenixidentity.core.CoreException: Quorum (1) cannot be reached on server 'PHIDTEST01' database 'phenixid' because it is major than the nodes in quorum (0)

From version 2.6 there has been a change to the template file used by One Touch.
The server will now look for this file in the folder /resources and the name of the default template file has changed from onetouch_template_json.template to ot_auth_template.json.
If there are One Touch scenarios configured in earlier version, please go into the Configuration Manager, locate your scenario(s) for One Touch and click on the tab "Advanced".
Edit the name of the template file according to your environment.

Default HTTP configuration

When upgrading there might be scenarios where multiple HTTP connections are created due to creation of multiple web applications such as MFA admin or enrollment applications.  Functionality is not affected by this behaviour but can be perceived as annoying.

Contact PhenixID support for a solution

Warning at startup

When migrating from a previous version  there might be a warning. The warning starts with:

"Failed to create property DEVICES.created due to error" .

This will not affect functionality of the system and can be ignored. Contact support to take steps to handle this.

Activate One Touch

In order for the activation application to work after an upgrade the configuration must be updated.

This is done by the system through the Configuration manager application.

Login and navigate to One Touch configuration. The system will detect the need for updating and will prompt the user. 

Follow the instructions on the screen. Validate functionality.

Swedish BankID

Since now supporting BankID version 5, response data may have changed when collecting status of an authentication or signing transaction. There is a compat valve that can be used transforming the data to previous format.

Template changes may be required if using custom templates.

NetID Access authentication

Configuration parameters updates. Verify authenticator parameters. Template changes may be required if using custom templates.

Valve updates

Verify valves configuration with valve documentation for this version.

Authenticator alias

All authenticators must now include an "alias" parameter.
Look specifically at the "Dispatch" authenticator before upgrading