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Handle nullPointerException on wrongly saved SAML authentication link

The reader should have some basic knowledge about PhenixID Server.

This document describes how to configure the system to handle wrongly saved SAML authentication links.

Do the following steps in the ADVANCED  tab in the Configuration GUI

Step 1 - Authentication - HTTP : Dispatcher part

This code should be added as a first selection in a previously configured dispatcher authenticator.

Alt. 1 : Only for handling SP initiated applications
	"authenticator": "selectorError",
	"expression": "request.getParameter('resolvedSPID') == null"

Alt. 2 : Also for IDP initiated applications with RelayState parameter
	"authenticator": "selectorError",
	"expression": "request.getParameter('resolvedSPID') == null && request.getParameter('RelayState') == null"
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Step 2 - Authentication - HTTP : Selector part

Add this AuthSelector authenticator with no added possible authenticators.

	"name": "AuthSelector",
	"id": "selectorError",
	"alias": "selectorError",
	"configuration": {
		"template": "selectorerror.template",
		"possibleAuthenticators": [
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Step 3. Creating the selectorerror.template

Copy the selector.template to selectorerror.template

Find the following notes and add your HTML based information below each note.

<!-- Information Content :: title -->

<!-- Information Content :: text -->

An alternative is to use language enabled parameters to make the page multi language enabled