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Using PhenixID OpenIDConnect HTTP API for OpenIDConnect UserInfo


This API is used to get additional user claims (attributes) based on the logged-in user. To retreive the userInfo, the api client must submit the access_token returned from previous call to the API, normally using the token endpoint.

To use the API, one method is called. It will return:

- HTTP Status code 200 if access_token is still valid. UserInfo will be returned

- HTTP Status code 403 if access_token is not valid.  


- PhenixID Authentication Services HTTP API configured for OpenIDConnect UserInfo use case

userinfo - data to be fetched before api call

The api client must fetch this value:

- access_token, returned from previous authentication (this might be returned through API, OIDC or SAML2)

 How this parameter is fetched may differ depending on the use case.

userinfo - api call



Endpoint: /api/authentication/userinfo


Name Value
Mandatory Comment
Content-Type application/json Yes
tenant t1 Yes .Value must be given to you by PhenixID Signing Service admin, it might differ depending on the environment.
Authorization Bearer <access_token> Yes <access_token> should be replaced with the access_token fetched previously.


No body content.

Example request


PUT /api/authentication/userinfo HTTP/1.1
Host: integration.phenixid.se
tenant: t1
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Bearer f4974cb0-837b-44ff-aa43-e70187ab0663
cache-control: no-cache



The HTTP Response status code may have one of these values:

1. 200. oAuth2 bearer token is valid. Body will contain UserInfo.

2. 403. oAuth2 bearer token is not valid - user must re-authenticate.


The response body JSON structure properties: 

Name Comment
Set of OpenID Connect User claims. May differ depending on configuration

Example response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 390010
    "sub": "+467212345678",
    "name": "Alan Alda",
    "phone_number": "+467212345678",
    "given_name": "Alan",
    "family_name": "Alda",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "employee_role": "doctor"