Startup complete

Verify a succesfull startup by checking the server.log file. No errors should appear.

The defaults

Configuration is saved in a json file, phenix-store.json, in the config directory. This file has been created at installation. In addition it will be updated based on data in the bootstrap file. To reset and start from zero simply delete the file phenix-store.json, and the system will regenerate the file at startup.

Default configuration provided at installation allows for configuration through a web browser. To access the configuration UI point your browser to https://<hostname>:8443/config

Authenticate using the username and password specified in the installation.

The priming process - bootstrapping

At startup server will always ensure installation of modules defined in boot.json: default_modules. These modules are system requirements and are included as a part of the priming process. Modules located in the default_modules are stored in the phenix-store.json file and can be changed through the config UI.

Modules located under deploy is to considered local modules. These modules are not presisted in the phenix-store.json meaning they cannot be changed in any other way tha editing the boot.json file. Note that changes in boot.json does not take effect until after a server restart.

PhenixID authentication services will ensure the presence of the phenixid user used to log into the configuration UI. 

Deletion of any of the required elements will cause the system to regenerate at startup.